What could be more American than motor rallies, rock’n’roll and support for our soldiers? If you find the right answer to this question, please contact me and in the meantime look at the patriotic skills an American girl brings to the table. Led by Kimberly White, the rockers of North Carolina have been enthusiastically pursuing their dream of sharing a high-ohmic rock with the country since 2017.

The title EP “American Maid” was released at the end of 2019. With songs that go straight to the goal, it’s easy to break through this absolute album. Each of the five songs of American Maid takes you into its own story and captivates you from the first notes played.

The band starts with “Automatic”, the full-fledged rock song that sets the tone for this energetic album. Guitar riffs scream through the pop drum lines at the beginning of the track and as soon as you hear the powerful rock voice of Kimberly White, you see that American Maid gives you something special with this EP.

The title EP of American Maid presents the same series of unlucky guys as big names like Halestorm, Theory Of A Deadman or The Pretty Reckless. “Dragging You Below” gives clues about each of these names and combines them into a song that needs to be repeated throughout the summer. There’s no denying that this rock band is harder than most, and every second American Maid proves it.

The EP ends with a gripping song that gives a slightly different note than the rest of the fast-paced album. “Remember You” is an honest song that will make your heart beat normal again. Like a powerful rock ballad White expresses the great sensitivity of his voice, and a more melodic sound replaces the heavy instrumental parts of the previous songs. “Remember You” shows the fans that American Maid is not a pony and closes this powerful EP perfectly.

With the release of “American Maid”, this release goes from a regional tour in the southeast of the United States to a national or even international tour. Clearly there is a fire burning in the heart of this band and there will be more, so stay with us for the rest of this tour.

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