Interview with Barbara Jackson


Lisa :  What do you like about house music?

Well, House Music is recognized all over the world.  No matter where you hear it, the rhythm, you just cant sit still.  You have to react.  To this day, I love House Music!


Lisa :  How did you get started?

In grade school, I was a violinist and while the other instruments were doing their part, I decided to start singing the song on the music sheet.  Well, needless to say, my instructor stopped the music and asked me to go to the microphone.  That started playing and thus my music career was on way!


Lisa :   What did you like about working with Iley and Stride on C2C?


It came as a surprise when Iley of Stride asked me to write Coast2Coast,  but I welcomed it.  You see, the perfectionism in him that I have observed stimulated my whole being.  It took me to different heights.  His knowledge of the field of music impressed me so I had to come through not only for him but, for me, as well.


Lisa :  Did you have any professional training?

No, no professional training.  I call it experience.  I often think that if it had been presented to me, and I had jumped to the occasion,  I may have had a whole different life.  I Love my Life!


Lisa :  You had another club song that also did pretty well,  Revitalized. It was a popular anthem in the 90s at the Loft in New York before the club closed. Tell us about it?

The one song that may actually be my favorite.  It gave me so much satisfaction.  I was going through divorce.  That song was a sort of healing feeling for me after we recorded it and the studio engineer played it back. I am sure I shouted a few times.  I cant explain the encouragement I felt from Iley of Stride Records.  Felt like I could overcome all the obstacles of divorce.  He kept me busy in the studio and performing.

Lisa :  What was your level of excitement for the release party in Adam’s Morgan for Coast2Coast?

During a release party in Adams Morgan, it was sensational.  Had my adrenaline flowing like a faucet. People were introducing themselves to me and asking all kinds of questions.  They were taking pictures, loving my music.  I was in my element! Coast2Coast was played on the beach at Ibiza in 2001 by DJ Nick Power and 10,000 people were rocking away to it!

The 2020 release marks the 20  year  anniversary of the song with an unreleased mix by Larry Heard – his first release Midnight and Underground mixes are included too along with the original mix by Central BPM. Special K added a new mix of Coast2Coast and an unreleased title Better Days. Orders can be placed here:

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Written by Lisa

Love music and to write about music. Finishing Journalism on Emerson College and enjoying life.


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