Interview with Dave Curl on his new video for “You Got Me” and more

I’m happy when my listeners can connect to my music in their own way

We’ve had an opportunity to interview an amazing artist Dave Curl. We’ve talked about his newest release “You Got Me” for which he’s done an amazing video where he introduced his band and had an awesome collaboration with the AHA Dance Company.

Dave Curl is a Singer Songwriter living in Winterthur, Switzerland. Writing and performing songs is what he loves to do. In 2019 he played 17 concerts in Switzerland and abroad.

His songs reflect the search for that magical moment, where words, sounds and melodies become one. His music goes from rocky feel-good folk to soulful ballads. He draws inspiration from his surroundings – those little moments that effect our daily life – or from traveling to other countries and being inspired by the rhythm of the sea or the foreign culture. His English-Australian roots can be felt in his lyrics. He’s also a surfer and coffee lover…-).

Lisa: Hello Dave! Thanks for doing this interview for Indie Heroes. You are about to release a new music video for “You Got Me”. Could you tell us more about it, what inspired you to write that song?

Dave: Hello Lisa!  This song is about going out on a Friday night to a night club and having „one hell of a time“. There’s a cool rock pattern that gives the song it’s character and I wrote the lyrics after watching the Netflix series „Lucifer“ imagining going to Mr. Morningstar’s night club… I know this sounds kind of weird in 2020, but it was written before the whole Covid-19 madness started. For the video I really got lucky, being able to collaborate with the AHA Dance Company, we worked our butts of to get it right, but also had a lot of fun doing it!

Lisa: If someone asked you, outside of genre, how would you describe your music?

Dave: Well, I’m not a big fan of categorizing people, though there are always different sides to a musician, but it’s okay, if you put me in the „Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic & Folk Rock“ corner-).

Lisa: What was the last song that you listened to?

Dave: Finally/beautiful stranger by Halsey… just love the lyrics and the vibe of that song.

Lisa: Do you have a favorite TV show theme song?

Dave: Nope. I’m hoping that one day one of my songs will be picked-).

Lisa: Who were a couple of early musicians to influence you in your childhood?

Dave: That goes a bit back-): Chris Rea, Amy MacDonald, Kiss, AC DC, Elton John, Silbermond, Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons’ Projekt, …

Lisa: What would your song playlist look like if you were going through a breakup?

Dave: I don’t know if you’ve had one, but if you did, were there any songs that got you through it? Guess I would listen to „A Song for the Drunk and Broken Hearted“ by Passenger!

Lisa: What has been the biggest surprise so far about making music your career? What has been an unexpected or welcome challenge to it all?

Dave: Well, this year has definitely been a challenge, though a lot of shows were cancelled… . I don’t have a „biggest surprise“, but going for a music career is like running a marathon… you need a lot of patience, stubbornness and patience to succeed. And of course finding the right people to work with! I highlight this year was definitely being invited to play at Dreamseasurfcamps in France and Spain and they had my song „Dreamsurfing“ on their playlist-).

Lisa: What are some newer projects that you are currently working on, besides the video for “You Got Me”?

Dave: 4th of December there’s a new song coming out called „Cowboy“ – it’s about dealing with loneliness and getting older, ha! We also did a video where I play a homeless guy… .

Lisa: At the end of the day, what do you hope people take away from your music?

Dave: A good feeling, a moment of happiness, something to think about… I’m happy when my listeners can connect to my music in their own way.

Thank you Dave!

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