Interview with Glen Neff

Today we are interviewing Glen Neff

Glen Neff is winner 2015 New Mexico Music Awards-New Age Contemporary

Santa Fe-based Glen Neff is a composer, musician, artist, designer & builder whose style in all of his art forms is both organic and romantic. Born in New Jersey into a family of artists and musicians, Neff earned a BA degree from San Diego State University, and was raved about in the San Diego Reader as “head and shoulders above the Eno clones in his sophisticated use of harmonics, rhythms and synth voicing. His music is adventurous and lively …Neff is a true improvisor and a reflexive expert at reacting to himself on tape. This one-man interactivity is compelling”.

Santa Fe Reporter review: by Alex De Vore

“…after several listens and the most intense attention I’ve ever paid anything in my life, I have to say that I’m blown away. At its core, Bamako can be unfairly classified as world music, but it is so much more. This is emotional music that touches upon mankind’s almost primal rhythmic need or the soundtrack to potential enlightenment. Breathe deep, dear listener,and relax. Neff brings the intensity to his soundscapes with a noticeable international flair; it’s almost as if no corner of the globe escaped his musical mind’s eye….. stellar tracks like “Veenapersia” get your head bobbing and keep it that way.Closer “Time Machine Dreams” may just be one of the most beautiful ambient experiences around and sort of speaks to the album as a whole-experiments in New Age music needn’t be hokey or lame and sometimes beauty is just plain beauty.

Lisa: What first got you into music?

I grew up in a family that was always playing music,I thought everyone grew up like that.The music on my father’s side was Ol’ timey fiddle tunes, Bluegrass, the Standards, Dixieland, even elements of Blues and Texas Swing.Pretty diverse.Grandfather Finck on my mother’s side was the 1st violinist in the Philadelphia Philharmonic. I played piano ,banjo, guitar,violin, cornet. But I left it all behind early on when I discovered synthesizers, and a Fender Rhodes heavily effected.I wrote music with unusual chords,Jazz Funk and Rock & Roll.Also Introspective piano ballads. I love to improvise, and I love melody. My interest for strange chords and unusual sounds has linked me to jazz, but I don’t play standards and prefer to create my own compositions, soundscapes

Lisa: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Organic, improvised and carefully arranged Global Electronica, improvised soundscapes, other worldly sonic explorations….very much like abstract expressionist painting!


Lisa: What is your creative process like?

Well, I am an artist (watercolor painter), so the improvisation approach, very much like painting a watercolor figures into the creation of my music.With the advent of the computer,(Logic is my platform), the sonic world is vast, and can be overwhelming, so I stick with improvising a sonic idea inspired by a sound, and enhance it with the tools now available in Logic. In “the old days” I would just let the tape run and hope I didn’t screw it up much! Not to many options to fix it. Foot note: I’ve got 200 cassette tapes of recorded music, about 150 DAT tapes, reel to reel tapes…150 plus songs on Spotify, I’ve been very productive over the years. I should mention to your audience that my cassette release ‘Extempore’ was lectured on at Cal Arts College in LA as an example of early Electronic Jazz from the West Coast. This Album has just been released last week on Spotify. (Modified & enhanced from the original version).
Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite song and what inspired you to make it?
I don’t actually have a favorite song….I have many. It’s like asking which painting I did is my favorite. Go to www.http://glen-neff.pixels to see some of my artwork, how do you pick a favorite!

Lisa: Which famous musicians do you admire?

Interesting…I don’t actually dwell on this, but I appreciate YouTube and the vast pallet of what it offers. I’m always discovering something new and different! We don’t need a top 50 or 100 playlists….we need a top 2000 playlists! I thick the World is ready for more diversity than the major playlists. We have been to limited for to long….lets open the World up to a broader pallet of what’s out there!


Lisa: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

I don’t get into trouble, I just smoke pot!

Lisa: What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Enjoy creating your music & art to enhance your sole. Very few of us will make a living from it! Or get famous. Or get groupies!


Lisa: What’s next for you?

Many more songs in the process of being created / released. 200 and counting at various levels of completion. Happy to join the 2000 playlists that will define our future music culture!


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Written by Lisa

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