Interview with Joe Quarterman/Sir Joe Quarterman And Free Soul

Joe Quarterman (or Sir Joe Quarterman And Free Soul), also known as Sir Joe Quarterman and sometimes misspelled as Joe Quatermain is an American funk and soul singer. Quarterman earned the title “Sir” in high school. His single, “(I Got) So Much Trouble in My Mind”, was also his biggest, reaching the R&B Top 30 in 1973, and was featured on the radio station Master Sounds 98.3 in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. After leaving the music industry, Quarterman earned a degree in architecture. His song “I’m Gonna Get You” was later featured on the breakbeat compilation Ultimate Breaks and Beats.

Sir Joe is from Washington D.C., then known as funk land before later being renamed Go-Go land, where the hit maker Chuck Brown and the Soul Searcher were amongst the rival bands that played alongside Sir Joe Quarterman and the free soul. During the 1970s there were countless bands in the D.C. metro area.[citation needed]

How was having your song placed on the Grand Theft Auto project

I was surprised by young kids wanting to meet me.

How was having your song placed   500 Greatest LP covers of all time

The cartoons depicted very serious themes. My son and daughter helped.

How was playing at the 14th birthday party for Maria Shriver Kennedy

I was a trumpet player with the El Corols band then. I was 18 years old then.

Tell us about the original recording of The 1969 instrumental of I’ve got so much trouble newly released on A&TK

The 1969 instrumental of I’ve got so much trouble was newly released on A&TK – That was a demo recording we did just to get some gigs.

How many copies of Ive Got So Much Trouble In My Mind  selling from the trunk of your car the first months after the release

How many copies were selling the first months after the release – the single was selling 30,000 copies + weekly!


Don King wanted to manage you

 Don King wanted me to join his label to include Lloyd Price as producer.

How was it performing on same bill with bo didley/ jimi hendrix

Jimi Hendrix – 1964 or ’65 Montgomery Alabama, National Guard auditorium with white rope down the middle to separate the Races … It was a life learning experience.


Projects coming months of 2020

I am still writing songs and releasing songs on AL & The Kidd and there is a possibility of the (I Got) So Much Trouble In My Mind album will be re-issued.

Favorite performances throughout your career

The Apollo ’73 – The Spectrum ’75 – The Carter Baron ’74 and many more

How was it opening for EWF after the rain

Opening for EWF after the rain – It was spectacular … The rain water on stage splashed up in time with the music through the various spot light colors.


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