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My goal is to tell a story

In today’s interview we’ve had an honor talking with Victoria Taylor

As an Italian American, music and performance has always been a huge part of Victoria Taylor’s life and culture. Her grandmother was a touring singer with a hit song under the stage name of Ann Castle and her mother was a singer and performer as well. They helped to instill pride in Victoria to honor where she has come from and to be persistent with wherever she chooses to go and whatever she chooses to do.
Dance, Soul and Pop music flow in and out of the sounds deep within Victoria Taylor’s Music Library. She effortlessly pays homage to the influences from her Italian culture and the songs she learned from her family and summer trips to Italy. Currently living and performing in New York City, Victoria is working on her Ep to be released Next Year.


Lisa : What first got you into music?

As an Italian American child growing up, your life basically consists of music-filled family parties every weekend. The Dj is usually someone’s brother’s uncle’s son who played at every child’s communion and engagement party in the family. When not dancing and singing “Volare” in the middle of the dance floor, we are “performing” for each other. You can find my family telling expressively loud stories in public so that it sounds like we are arguing, laughing so hard until our abs hurt and bragging about how our mother’s food is better than every restaurant in the area. So as you can tell, performing was kind of in my bones. My mother and I would belt out songs from Celine Dion, Cher and the Mamma Mia soundtrack in the car on the way to absolutely anywhere. My mother and my grandmother taught me how to sing and since then, I started writing and performing my own music.


Lisa : How would you describe the music that you typically create?

Victoria : I would say my music is pop/soul with a dash of dance.


Lisa : What is your creative process like?

Victoria : Whenever I write a song, my goal is to tell a story. I come up with a concept or use one of my own experiences and try to find a melody that expresses the way that I feel. The song needs to have a message, one that will hopefully inspire young people to find themselves and love that person unconditionally.


Lisa : Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite song and what inspired you to make it?

Victoria : My new and biasly favorite track is the Acoustic Version to my song Emotions. I recently released an upbeat dance vibey track called Emotions. The lyrics were written to interpret my impression of giving love another opportunity after getting hurt. That moment where you debate the uncertainty and excitement of delving into a new relationship is exhilarating. You have kept the doors to your heart closed for so long and now someone is coming in to try to pry those exact doors open. Emotions expresses the moments in which you are trying to do your best to stay cool and sane, while the walls are falling down beside you. I revisited this track during the quarantine and decided that I wanted to give my listeners a cooler, calmer version to make staying inside a little bit easier.

Lisa : Which famous musicians do you admire?

Victoria : This is truly a fully loaded question to any singer, but I will try to break it down a little bit. My original music is heavily influenced by Jessie J’s lyrical content and melodic rhythm, as well as Sinead Harnett’s sultry synth sound. I learned how to belt from Christina Aguilera and how to express passion and empathy through songs from Celine Dion, Whitney Houston and Cher. So, it may be safe to say I admire all of them.


Lisa : What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?

Victoria : I am the middle child of two boys, which made me pretty adventurous and a little tom boyish growing up. I used to sneak out our four wheeler while my parents were out and once had the cops called because I flipped it over on the back dirt roads that my brothers and I previously created behind my house. I was about 13 years old.


Lisa : What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Victoria : “Whatever is meant to be will work out perfectly”. I personally believe that God has a plan for all of us and if we follow our heart in the end, it will all work out okay.


Lisa : What is next for you?

Victoria : After releasing a few singles and song features, I believe it is time to put out my own project. With that being said, EP Coming Very Soon!


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