Today we are interviewing you rap artist from London ZVCK B£RZY aka “MULTI-LINGO-SPITTER”

This young man have a lot to say so please read carefully

I was born in Italy but living in London I think music is our “ undying books about life”, that’s why I wanna tell mines in a way that I feel represents me. I like to play with words, languages to show what a guy with different cultures can bring to the world and particularly to the music world.
And yeah if I’m good or not I’ll leave you the last say about it!
Thank you IndyHeroes. And “ANNAMÒ DAJÉ”!

Lisa: What first got you into music?


I’ve got into music since I understood what it was I think.

Both of my parents don’t do music but I’ve always been exposed or around  it, dancing competitions, Chorus, Acting, poetry, me wanting to escape what is going on  at times or maybe because we were moving a lot, so not many friends, the complex at schools or because that is what I have always had constantly with me like EVERYWHERE.

Lisa: How would you describe the music that you typically create?


Uuh I like this one .Right! So I would describe my music as if it was WATER, FLUID. I come from Italy but all my life I’ve been judge and seen as if a wasn’t . And in someways they right! Because  it’s true.

I’ve so much richness in me so much more culture, and roots that Ive embraced  that cannot go away,  I cannot be just one thing I’m ITALIAN IVORIAN GUINEAN…THE WORLD I’m everything and nothing . And that’s  what I’m doing with my music, trying  to make people understand that despite what people been telling you stay true to yourself, show them what you got I know people need approval so hear this. You the only one that can be in that way, you the only one that can do it in that way  and also you the only one that can do you so well. Giving you so much in different ways so well that you don’t see the language as a barrier  that cannot be overcome. With  my music I wanna show to people that you can have Infernal Flow, Mad lyrics and deep or playful thoughts all spat in different languages but in a way that works and make sense.

Because that’s freedom that’s my way to show   different ways of making music.

Lisa: What is your creative process like?


I write and think a lot so I would say I’m a thoughtful person a “Carpe Diem” boy. So any period or situation can get me in a zone, now more than ever because my thoughts are more narrowed .

I feel like sounds and words just go through me and it burns, it moves and  I just need to let it happens.


Lisa: Can you tell us a bit more about your favorite song and what inspired you to make it?


Uuhh! Like I told you I write and record a lot. Even if it’s all new to me . And each time I’m thrilled about a new one I don’t hate none of them at all so…yeah

I’ve uploaded 4 songs by far in 3weeks  and I’ve got already many more that I will realise really soon.I could  talk about the first one that came out “SVNTYCITYFINESSE” I called it like this because that’s  where a grow up for the most part of my life (Sant’Ilario d’Enza) and “FINESSE” because of the meaning , I’m the cream of the creams and the cherry as well on top. And I wanted to set up straight the record like “This is ZVCK B£RZY” for you .

None of my friends knew I could rap or make music so yeah I made it clear I think .


Lisa: Which famous musicians do you admire?


Yeah Yeah! I admire musically lots of people

From what is so called old school to now : Biggie,2PAC,NAS, Sfera , Izi , Booba, Gué, Marracash, Travis Scott, Rocky, Rihanna, The Weekend,Skepta,Kendrick Lamar,Big Sean , Frank Ocean, Young Thug, Cole, Erik B and Raakim, Bobby Brown, Bon Iver,Busta,

Kanye, Jay-z, Onyx, Nirvana, Jimy Hendrix, the Game, Coldplay, Drake, Xxx, Dre,Snoop, MJ, Sisqo, Usher, IceCube,Tyler TheC, Salif Keita,Tiken jah, Blondy Alpha , MFDoom..too many and I’m not even done, I just love music period and Thanks to them more than ever I want to be part of this world,


Lisa: What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?


Ahahah Next question hahahah

Lisa: What is the best advice you’ve been given?


None that I’m following but there’s one I’m giving to my self “SHOT AT THE EARTH AIM AT THE ‘VERSE, BE RESILIENT” because no matter what you going through you have to keep it up, energy is inside you find your way to channel that and bloom it into something incredible and unique.

Lisa: What’s next for you?


I hope the understanding of what I’m bringing and what I can give to the music culture. Because that’s art it’s about pushing forward and not just you, but people with you into a new vibe a new hemisphere where we would feel so good that you don’t care about fitting in no more, but showing who you are for real. And expect lots of Music and Mixtapes.

I’m going BERSERK ahahah.





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