KOBENZ Song Review

Today we have crossed on this extremely good song with huge emotion lyrics and amazing arrangement. We are hoping to do an interview with Kobenz to hear more about him because we find that his lyrics are strong and he can help others.

Here is what he said about his first single

This song is about losing yourself to save someone else. I created this song off of a poem I wrote while in an inpatient facility. I dated someone who was abusive and severely mentally ill. It took a major toll on me mentally, and I ended up abusing drugs, self harming, OD’ing twice in the same week, and eventually trying to commit suicide. I lost myself trying to save them and they ended up not giving a shit in the end. Working on this song as well as the others I will be releasing soon have acted as a means of therapy for me. Don’t ever forget your worth and always remember no matter how hard it gets there is another way.





Ali he is publishing his next song Garbage in next couple of days and we can’t wait for it


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